[Tweeters] Red phalaropes on the LB peninsula

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I was birding today from Oysterville down to the North Jetty, Ilwaco, and Chinook Valley Road and had Red Phalaropes at 7 locations. Largest number was 58 at the airport just east of Ilwaco where a very vocal Red-shouldered Hawk was present. Nothing else of particular interest other than 13 collared dusky/Vancouver Canada Geese in one flock but with white rather than red neck collars.
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Has anyone birded the Long Beach (WA) peninsula lately?  My brother-in-law just texted me a picture of a bird inquiring it's identity.  It was a Red Phalarope.  He said they have been coming to the "lakes" that form in the dunes there with all the rain they have had.  The phalaropes have been swimming around like phalaropes do but now are getting listless and dying.  I told him to contact Fish and Wildlife.  If any of you live near there you might want to check it out.  If you know who to contact down there please do.  Thanks.  
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