[Tweeters] Re:Renton airport anti-bird measures/questionable 'Wildlife Services'

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Tue Nov 29 19:10:42 PST 2016

Thanks to Diane for all the information relating to this important, multi-faceted issue. The references to the organizations that are working, in part, to effect changes in the USDA's Wildlife Services - predatordefense.org and biologicaldiversity.org After having a very negative experience with a Wildlife Services agent at Magnuson Park in about 2011, regarding a Barn Owl (near the former Fire tower in which the owls nested) that had been killed (shot? - I believe that this agent was complicit in the death, but don't remember the details). This man, in a later conversation, bragged to me about killing a Great Gray Owl in Kirkland (because some residents were concerned for the safety of their pets and/or children), I learned a bit about this group (WS) and was saddened that they respond to complaints of wildlife in public places and in neighborhoods, by showing up with their guns. I reported the offensive Wildlife Services Officer to the person in charge of using them at Magnuson. She talked with the agent and expressed her concern and I believe she talked with his supervisor, but I don't know/or remember, if that affected the park's use of the Service or not.

A friend in Lake Forest Park told me of the killing of a bunch of coyotes out there, because someone had tied a sheep out at the end of her driveway and was upset that it was killed by a coyote, so notified Wildlife Services, who came and shot every coyote they could find. This shooting and some trapping has also occurred recently in the ravine area and neighborhoods near the ravine near Inverness along Sand Point Way. Nextdoor Matthews Beach and Nextdoor Wedgwood have reported coyote sightings in the past month or so.

After reading the posts of Wally, Dennis, Chris, Michelle, Devorah, Diane and Dan, I was inspired to contribute to the 2 groups trying to reform this bad arm of the USDA.

Also, we could use more education about this issue of dealing with wildlife predators in our 'civilized' neighborhoods.

Yip, yip, yip...

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle
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