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Hey Jim – Congrats to you, the new Washington Ornithological Society (“WOS”) board members, and of course, Penny – the organization’s lifesaving glue.

Alas, I read through this WOS News edition twice to make certain I hadn’t missed it – but there is ZERO mention of the Patrick Sullivan Young Birder’s Fund (“PSYBF”).

Did we go out of business and no one mentioned it? Did we succeed from the organization or get booted out? In WOS News 163 the PSYBF didn’t even get a nod in the “official” listing of board committees. Has Jon Isacoff quit as PSYBF chair? If so, he hasn’t communicated that to the PSYBF trustees but I suppose anything is possible. I know the PSYBF profile in the birding community has become pretty stealth the last 2 years and member contributions have about dried up but there was a grant awarded at the annual WOS Conference in June to a terrific and deserving young birder, Louis Kreemer of Seattle.

While I’m certain just an oversight, this lack of acknowledgement by WOS is disappointing to those of us who have supported the PSYBF and the idea of encouraging young birders by offering real life birding experiences.

With respect, Tom Mansfield in Seattle.

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Hi WOS community!

A quick alert to let you know that the current WOS Newsletter has been published and is viewable on the WOS website via the following link: http://wos.org/newsletters/current/

Articles in this issue include:

From the Board by Jim Danzenbaker
Welcome WOS Board by WOS Board
Volunteering by Penny Rose
A Message for Women Birders (and Those Who Love Them) by Rachel Lawson
The Scrub Jay World Just Became More Complicated, and Interesting by Bill Tweit
October-December 2016 Field Trips by Jen Kunitsugu
Washington Field Notes October-November 2015 by Ryan Merrill

A special thanks to Ann Nightingale, Ed Swan, Amy Powell and the individual article authors for making this issue a reality

Take a read and give us your feedback. We always like to get ideas for future newsletter articles so if you have any or would like to pen your own articles, let us know!

Cheers and hopefully I'll see you out in the field some time this year.

Jim Danzenbaker
incoming WOS Board President
Battle Ground, WA
jdanzenbaker at gmail.com<mailto:jdanzenbaker at gmail.com>
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