[Tweeters] "Good" sparrow at Boeing ponds

Jim merlinmania at comcast.net
Wed Oct 5 22:17:58 PDT 2016

Hi Tweets,

I made a quick stop at Boeing ponds in Kent, just before six tonight. I walked in from the SW corner parking area and about 50-75 yards down the path I saw two sparrows feeding. The first wad a white-crowned and the second a mystery bird. The problem was primarily my unfamiliarity with the winter plumage of spizellas. I had a good binocular (no scope) view and know it was either a Chipping, Brewer's or Clay-colored.

I'm hoping someone more familiar with their winter dress (or someone with a camera) can go look tomorrow. I am not home this week so I have no field guides and surfing the web on my phone is just too cumbersome a task.

I did note the bird had a pretty well-defined median Crown stripe, which my memory said was perhaps important(?) but I didn't see the rump color which I know can be important.

Good luck if you go look and be sure to let us Tweeterites know what you find.

Jim Flynn
Seattle, WA

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