[Tweeters] Vaux's swifts in Portland this weekend

Linda Phillips linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Sun Oct 16 21:51:27 PDT 2016

I planned a weekend trip to Portland months ago. How was I to know it would be a stormy one? Although the primary purpose of the trip was not birding I checked Ebird for a location close to where I was staying and decided on Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. Sunday afternoon was calm but rainy. I had my rain gear with me so I decided to check out Oaks Bottom despite less than ideal birding conditions.
I was surprised to find Barn and Violet Green Swallows and Vaux’s Swifts I reported 30 but I really think there were many more than that. It’s been about a month since I’ve seen any in the Seattle area.
Could the storm have pushed them back north again? Or ate they still trickling South and I just haven’t seen them?
Anyone have any thoughts?
Ebird classified them as RARE at this time and location. The last report for that location is Sept 3rd and only 2 birds.

Linda Phillips

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