[Tweeters] more scoters and long-tailed duck in PO

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Thu Oct 27 16:25:14 PDT 2016


This morning, I found 2 White-winged Scoters, 3 Surf Scoters, and one female Long-tailed Duck on Diamond Lake. This seems to be a new flock of scoters as on Sunday, I found no scoters on the lake. Another Barrow’s Goldeneye, surprisingly uncommon in the county, was with the other ducks. Scoters have been seen now on Diamond for over two weeks, one day count of 23. This is by far the most scoters I have ever seen in the county.

I also found an American Tree Sparrow on the Dike Rd on the Kalispell Indian Reservation and two more at the river on the Flyng Goose Ranch. There was a Red-necked Grebe on the river there as well.

Terry Little
Mead, Wa
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