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Tweets – today was one of those rain-threatening, dark, breezy, fairly birdless mornings. We worked hard at it, though, and managed to find at least some birds.


Gadwall 2 flew north from lake – First of Fall
Green-winged Teal 2 at Rowing Club – FOF
Pied-billed Grebe Six today, after months of at most 1-2
Peregrine Falcon Maybe Merlin too. I confirmed the PEFA after the walk
P.-slope Flycatcher One just south of first footbridge along slough
Purple Martin Maybe a dozen (7 to the west, 5 to the east)
V.-green Swallow Three – migrants
Or.-cr. Warbler Just 2
Yellow Warbler Heard just 1
Bl.-thr. Gray Warbler 1-2
Lincoln’s Sparrow 1-2 at Compost Piles – FOF
Western Tanager 1 heard near mansion
Bl.-headed Grosbeak Just one
Pine Siskin 1-2 – FOF

Matt, Scott, & I had some great looks at BARN OWL from the Viewing Mound before the start of the walk. We had many sightings between 5:45 and 6:23, with probably three different birds (based on color), sometimes seeing two at once. Just before we left, in full daylight, we watched a Barn Owl land in the willows, displacing another Barn Owl, and then watched a juvenile COOPER’S HAWK chase the first Barn Owl around the edge of the meadow for about 5 minutes.

The funniest sighting was a large white bird that flew directly over my head, while we were at the Compost Piles. Long blackish legs trailed behind. I called out “Gull – no, Great Egret!” We watched it fly away. It looked weird. It banked, and it was suddenly very, very clear that it was a GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL. We saw the bird again a couple of minutes later, and everything became clear. It was an adult GWGU that was *completely* missing its tail, which left its feet trailing behind. In terms of shape, that made it seem really really strange for gull, and really, really, really strange for egret.

We had several glimpses of falcons today. Some seemed good for MERLIN, but not so good that we could confidently list that species. Another view looked good for PEREGRINE, but again wasn’t good enough to list. After the walk, I headed down towards Idlywood Park, and saw a juvenile PEREGRINE fly south from Marymoor to Idylwood. So we can definitely list PEFA, though that doesn’t rule out Merlin as well.

For the day, 60 species, some barely detected well enough to make the list. (Yellow Warbler, heard singing but hard to rule out Chestnut-sided from what we heard; Pileated Woodpecker heard both early and late calling from far to the west, etc.) Quite a few birds were heard/seen by only a small part of the group. Misses today included Rock Pigeon, Vaux’s Swift, Warbling Vireo (may have glimpsed one), Bushtit, European Starling, Wilson’s Warbler, and Red-winged Blackbird.

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