[Tweeters] South sound, good birds moving with the weather changes

bill shelmerdine georn1 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 3 06:25:13 PDT 2016

Good morning All,
Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day for birds in the South Sound. Even though I was not birding per se, I did chance upon some good observations. Starting at 0800 I spotted a dark Jeager over Eld Inlet. Fortunately I was close to my scope and had nice views of a crisp, light adult Parasitic Jeager flying south toward Fry Cove. Later at 0945 in came 2 more, a handsome barred juvenile with a different light adult, darker and with more wing flash. Both observations were during unsettled weather between squalls.

Later around 11:00 I was in Pierce County near the Fort Lewis DuPont Gate, again during breezy conditions between squalls. This time there was a "kettle" of Black Swifts overhead. There were at least 6 but could have been more. Pretty great stuff. Birds are on the move, it's a good time to be out there.

Bill Shelmerdine
Olympia WA

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