[Tweeters] St. Cloud Rec Area, Skamania Co., WA

cjflick flick at gorge.net
Sun Sep 4 13:45:12 PDT 2016

Sept 4, 2016 "Highlights" this early morning along the Columbia River at
St. Cloud Recreation Site:

3 Great Egret traveling & foraging together along shoreline; 1 Willow
Flycatcher (part of the residual migrants still moving through-they are 1st
to migrate at St. Cloud in mid-August); 3 Pacific-slope Flycatcher
(migration follows WIFL at St. Cloud); Swainson's Thrush (bread-and-butter
species for St. Cloud so all sightings are important - juvies seen today
were molted into adult body plumage); American Robin - lots of individuals
flying-over still; 1 Wilson's Warbler; Lincoln's Sparrow (normally seen at
St. Cloud in fall); White-crowned Sparrow (hatch-year: 1 had a "spot of
BLACK" in its brownish crown stripe, which was interesting. don't run into
this)- so sparrows are starting to show up at St. Cloud!

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