[Tweeters] WOS Grays Harbor Co trip summary (9/3-9/4)

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 4 22:52:52 PDT 2016

Here the highlights of the Labor Day weekend WOS trip to Grays Harbor Co.

9/3: The Ocean Shores side

Hoquiam STP: Pectoral SP (1), Red-necked Phalarope (1), Purple Martin (1), Willow FC, Wilson's & BT Gray Warbler, Purple Finch

Ocean Shores Jetty: Stream of Sooty Shearwaters off-shore, only 2 Black Turnstones

Damon Point SP: Nothing of note

Oyehut: several thousand Western SPs plus an adult Peale's Peregrine, also a few Sanderlings and Dunlin mixed in (STP access); American (2) and Pacific (1) Golden-Plover (all Tonquin access), Bank Swallow (1 near Tonquin entrance), Harlequin Duck (1 female near STP), 2 Spotted Sandpipers (feeding along the saltwater edge off STP access!), Red-throated Loons (~10 in various plumages in the bay), American Pipit (2)

9/4: The Westport side (we never made it to Tokeland)

Bottle Beach SP: Lincoln's, Fox and GC Sparrow have arrived; Willow FC; several Orange-crowned, BT Gray, Wilson's and Yellow Warblers each; many Warbling Vireos; Virginia Rail (this may have been the birdiest spot of the trip!)

Grayland SP: No Snowy Plovers

Midway Beach: Baird's Sandpiper (1 juvie), American Bittern, American Pipit (8)

Bottle Beach SP: No Red Knot or Ruddy Turnstone, only regulars

Westport: Wandering Tattler (1 near observation tower), Rock Sandpiper (seen first from observation platform), Bar-tailed Godwit (off float 21)

Thanks to everyone for their sharp ears and eyes! Also thanks to Paul Baerny for some good tips (including that currently rubber boots are not needed to get past the first pond at Midway Beach).

Stefan Schlick

Hillsboro, OR

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