[Tweeters] Vaux's Happening at Wagner

Larry Schwitters leschwitters at me.com
Mon Sep 5 09:25:05 PDT 2016

The swift total was down to just under 6000 last night with a successful Merlin attack adding to the drama. This morning they made for the exit at 8:58.

A bunch have been coming back in. Too cold for good bug hunting I guess. Watch the wee birds do their feather maintenance at
http://wildearth.tv/cam/vauxs-swifts <http://wildearth.tv/cam/vauxs-swifts>

Or look at the pretty bricks in Detroit, now that their Chimney Swift cover is gone. Maybe 10,000 there last night.
http://www.wildearth.tv/cam/detroit-chimney-swifts <http://www.wildearth.tv/cam/detroit-chimney-swifts>

Larry Schwitters
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