[Tweeters] Very Impressive: Cornell's Birds of North America- With Many Additional Resourses- Now Launched

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Wed Sep 7 01:42:18 PDT 2016


I have many bird books and have enjoyed them all.

However, my primary and always first, go-to resource for any North American bird species, has long been Cornell's Birds of North America Online.

I just now viewed the revised Birds of North America (BNA) site. It launched yesterday, Tuesday. They have taken an excellent resource and made it even better.
A few examples of the changes and additions: Better Range maps, Larger Print, More Photos and Video. It will now be even easier to use in the field on my IPhone.

" Besides the new page design which is now mobile device compatible, QuickTime is no longer required for playing the audio and video selections. There are now significantly more photos, videos and audio selections available for each species through the Macaulay Library, the world's largest and oldest scientific archive of biodiversity photo, audio and video recordings. We also have included eBird data for more precise species distribution information and migration animations."

My congratulations to the editor,
Barry Bermudez and the BNA Team at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Also to the authors/researchers who have written the excellent species accounts and the photographers, video and sound recording experts that bring the species accounts to life.

And to Alan Poole, former editor, now retired, for the massive and important work that remains as the base for the site and revisions.

I am very impressed.

Best regards,
Dan Reiff, PhD
Mercer Island
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