[Tweeters] Great Egret at Woodland Creek Community Park - Lacey, WA

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Wed Sep 7 14:09:08 PDT 2016

Hi folks,

This morning I went to one of my local patches - Woodland Creek Community Park - and was pleasantly surprised to see a Great Egret (GREG) feeding along the marshy end of the small lake in the park. There was also a Great Blue Heron working the same area, and the heron caught two pretty good-sized catfish while I was watching. Another unusual sight, at least in my experience, was a group of at least 25 Wood Ducks in various states of plumage - some no doubt this year's youngsters, and possibly some adults not completely out of eclipse plumage yet. There had to be at least 30 in that end of the lake because in addition to the group sitting on the concrete structure, there were multiple birds foraging in the marsh vegetation which couldn't be ID'd.

My eBird report on the visit includes photos of the GREG and Wood Ducks.

I arrived at 9:35 and when I left at 11:15, the GREG was still there.

John Tubbs
Lacey, WA
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