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Fri Sep 9 10:54:55 PDT 2016

In Texas today, and the martins are all gone from their houses here.

Phil Dickinson
Lake Stevens

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> Hi Tweets,


> Yesterday evening we observed a Second Year pair of Purple Martins still feeding 28 day old nestlings at English Boom on Camano Island. I expect the young will fledge soon, perhaps today. So this most likely will be the second latest nest I have ever personally observed. (Many years ago, 2002 I think it was, I banded 14 day old nestlings on September 1st, and they fledged on September 14.) The adults that were feeding the young yesterday were the only martins we saw from 6 until about 730 PM, when many martins began returning to the site. They came and went in groups of about 20 birds at a time, and each time they came through the site a few went into their cavities to roost for the night. We left at about 8 PM and many martins were still in the air.


> The nestbox containing the late nest was used by starlings earlier in the year, which may explain the late martin nesting. However, there were other unused nestboxes at the site.


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