[Tweeters] Hunters on Leque Island - warning

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Consideration when at areas that allow waterfowl hunting, which includes many state wildlife areas such as the game range at Ocean Shores.

Canada Goose September Seasons:

Goose Mgmt Areas 1 & 3 Sept. 10-15

Goose Mgmt Area 2 Sept. 3-11

Goose Mgmt Areas 4 & 5 Sept. 10-11

Statewide Sept. 17-18 (Youth Hunting Only)

If they were in camo they were not carrying rifles. Birds can see colors and red really stands out as something to avoid.

Randy Hill


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I was surprised to see a number of hunters on Leque Island this morning. This made it rather difficult to survey birds, but not being a person who is easily put off by men holding rifles telling me to "get out" -- admittedly, this was my first experience, I tromped around my section in the red jacket I had coincidentally worn, counting whatever sparrows and swallows who had not been frightened away by the noise. Fortunately for the birds, despite numerous attempts, these hunters are of the type who cannot hit the broadside of a barn.

Pam Myers


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