[Tweeters] Finish of Pend Orielle County birding

William wrboyington at msn.com
Tue Sep 13 20:52:48 PDT 2016

Last message sent prematurely. I saw a male Spruce Grouse along side the road as I was driving south along the Sullivan Lake Road while along the lake. Not a long look as I couldn't stop that quickly, but saw clearly a grouse with black head, neck, throat and upper breast. When I did stop, I backed up in hopes the bird would stay put, but all I saw was the compact bird disappearing into the brush and plants upslope, but showing a black upper tail with white markings, which helped confirm the ID.

A quick trip up to Bunchgrass Meadow had me not staying too long beyond enjoying the view, though I did see a pair of Gray Jays, Rocky Mountain types.

Good birding,

Bill Boyington
Shoreline, WA

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