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Wed Sep 14 15:42:00 PDT 2016


Today 35 of us enjoyed a typical fall day in the Northwest....upper 40s at
8:00 and lower 70s by noon. And the birds reacted to the cooler temps by
hunkering down early.

We got off to a good start at the visitor center when a COOPER'S HAWK flew
in and landed on top of the big snag behind the office. There were some
CANADA GEESE and a couple of MALLARDS on the pond but otherwise pretty

The orchard also was quiet and we really didn't hit birds until we got to
the boardwalk. We had 4 SCRUBJAYS fly over the start of the boardwalk and
we watched 3 COYOTE out in the field but still cool and quiet.

Along the boardwalk we hit a couple of nice mixed flocks that included
BEWICK'S WREN, and BROWN CREEPER. We also had both KINGLETS, first of the
fall for me.

On the pond we had MALLARDS and a PIED-BILLED GREBE. At the turn off to the
twin barns we had a very vocal VIRGINIA RAIL that showed itself for a
couple of minutes.

Out in the reclamation area we had a pair of AMERICAN KESTRELS and some
shorebird way out. The only SWALLOWS we had for the day were over this area
with BARN, VIOLET-GREEN and TREE being seen.

>From the start of the estuary boardwalk we spotted a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK

perched in a low bush back toward the freeway.

For the day I had 38 species with the SHARP-SHINNED HAWK being new for the
year. I know others who walked the estuary boardwalk will have other
sightings to add to the days list.

Mammals seen included the COYOTES, GRAY SQUIRREL, RIVER OTTER, and

Until next week.....

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 at gmail.com
Lacey, WA
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