[Tweeters] Channel Drive GREATER PEWEE 9/14 (no photo however)

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Was enjoying a passage of varied passerines (warblers, sparrows especially) at Channel Drive in Skagit County last eve when I stumbled upon a real surprise. The spot is at the north end of Channel Drive, walking just past the steel gate and looking right (east). YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS were all about, roughly 70 birds, when in the melee I spotted a larger bird. Looking almost due east and nearly into direct sun, I thought I had a CEDAR WAXWING, but although the pointed little crest was obvious, my impression of the bird was 'big." Even at about 50 ft. no colors or details other than silhouette were apparent. It was on a treetop and flew when it dawned on me that it might not be what I thought--and at the next perch acted a lot like a W. WOOD-PEWEE. Crest visible again. Dingy grayish-brown, distinct vest look on flanks, dingy gray-buff wingbars+ but--VERY LONG TAIL. It moved from treetop to treetop, took some near-trunk perches, and was very actively flycatching. I noted when close to trunk near treetops, it perched in a real vertical posture that showed off the long tail. I watched it for about 5 minutes before it disappeared heading northwest, at which time I could see very distinct creamy yellow on the undertail coverts/vent area.

Alas, repeated photography did not produce any shots that worked out--only one that shows a PEWEE-looking bird, but the very distinct pointed crest isn't visible. I went back this morning and tried for a better photo, but no sign of the bird. That said, although the migrant flight seems down some this morning, many of the birds from last night are still there--so the bird may well still be around. My previous experience spans many encounters in s. e. AZ, and I've been fortunate to see Houston's Bear Creek Park bird(s) twice.

Scott Atkinson

Lake Stevens

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