[Tweeters] Cackler arrival in Clark County

Randy Hill re_hill at q.com
Tue Sep 20 18:57:24 PDT 2016

Around noon today there were upwards of 3000 cackling geese on Vancouver
Lake (so they probably just arrived) and along Lower River Road. No
white-fronts detected although a few that I think were lesser Canada
flyovers. On the ground several had squarish head shape and partial white
neck collars, but otherwise they pretty much appeared to be minima cacklers.
Some Am. White Pelicans on Vancouver Lake and Sandhill Cranes were scattered
across much of the area north of Shillapoo Lake heading north on Lower River
Road. I was disappointed that Shillapoo Lake was too high for shorebirds
but it is managed for waterfowl, and a youth hunt on the docket. The Port
of Vancouver wetland opposite Gate 17 sucked up every drop of the weekend
precipitation and the mud didn't even look wet.

As many of you know, access to birding Post Office Lake at the south end of
Ridgefield NWR has declined over the last few years for safety reasons.
This morning I attended a public hearing on abandonment of a portion of
State Route 501 that has already been deeded by the State of Washington to
Clark County due to bank erosion along the Columbia River. I spoke briefly
on the record for myself but probably representing the larger birding
community with concerns about access; having talked with the landowner
before the meeting I deferred additional comment awaiting further action. I
am hoping to work with the landowners on conditional permitted access for
groups, but it is a complicated issue. More to come.

Randy Hill


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