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Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Thu Sep 22 16:33:27 PDT 2016

Hi Tweeters,

When we got to Long Beach last Friday - after making great time on the freeway with no delays - our first bird siting were gobs of Sooty's. We saw a raft of them with binocs down near Cape Disappointment (north of there) and they were going north and south just behind the breakers. As the week went on, their numbers diminished.

There were Sanderlings, Western and Least Sandpipers working the beach. The Leasts were in a little group on their own "pond". We saw all of these in greater numbers on shore on a patch of sand just as we approached the beach. There were some too in a tire track, but a truck driving past made them fly. We nearly walked over them! But with our scope we got to observe a very nice mixed flock that were resting. Western and Leasts standing in order by height. Using our scope we were able to really study their feathers, but still we weren't totally sure of the plovers we were seeing. But finally decided upon BB in either juvenile plumage or some other configuration! Not sure if there were any Goldens in there. The feather patterns did appear to be different but couldn't get any color differentiation so I was just happy to determine they were a plover!! Some seemed like they had caps, but that would be birds from further away so didn't dare think or hope they were something other than BB's. We were just proud of ourselves to really look at the bill length/shape, leg color, and patterns of the feathers. I did pick up a few along the waterline. I actually found a Common Loon feather - it must have washed up. We didn't see any.

Perhaps some Mew Gulls and some Heerman's but didn't study those as much as I should have.

At Westport, we walked down the marina dock where they were gathering sardines or other bait fish. There were nets over the bays, but there was one lone White Pelican getting his fill.

On the way home at the mouth of the Naselle River we saw a large group of Green Winged Teals on the mud. And several Canada geese.

Sadly we didn't have time to stop at Nisqually. Some friends of our said they had seen the Am. Bittern in the pond at the entrance! Standing completely still, like a statue! Hoping her friend visiting from Austria got a photo!

We saw about 8 Turkey Vultures on the way down and back. Not sure if Tweeters know there is an Osprey nest by Black Lake (not Olympia) but the park on the way to Il Waco. No bird was there this time. There were tons of gulls there - even seeming to play, riding thermals in a huge group!

Enough for now. If I remember something else, will let you know. Was hoping to see more raptors on the dunes - nada.

Caryn / Wedgwood

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