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Tweets – This is the end of Week 38, which is notable for being the week in the fall where summer and winter birds overlap the most, with a pretty wide variety of migrants thrown in as well. We’ve cumulatively recorded 127 species for Week 38, which is ten species more than any other Fall week. Today was probably pretty typical of a Week 38 outing. We fought through mornign fog, which greatly limited our viewing for the first hour (as well as pre-dawn), and were rewarded later with a beautiful, sunny morning.


Western Grebe One on lake late; First of Fall
Green Heron Adult and subadult at Rowing Club
Turkey Vulture 1 from Rowing Club, looking east of slough – FOF
Osprey Still one seen
Northern Harrier Juvenile in East Meadow
Cooper’s Hawk Several sightings
Band-tailed Pigeon A few flybys
Vaux’s Swift Notably many - ~15
Red-br. Sapsucker Many sightings
Willow Flycatcher One near Compost Piles – 2nd latest ever
Violet-green Swallow 25+
Barn Swallow 50-100
Bushtit Single flock of 30+
Pacific Wren One near start of boardwalk
American Pipit Several unseen flyovers
Cedar Waxwing Single flock of a dozen
C. Yellowthroat Only a very few
Yellow Warbler? One yellowish warbler
Bl.-thr. Gray Warbler Two together along slough
Western Meadowlark One, East Meadow, FOF

For the day, 62 species.

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