[Tweeters] mystery kettle of Des Moines birds, part 2

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Thu Sep 29 12:58:19 PDT 2016

Hello, Lonnie,

Just to confirm the Turkey Vulture ID, yesterday (9/28/16) we, too, observed several huge kettles of vultures soaring in the sky near Rocky Point and Race Rocks, BC, the southernmost point on Vancouver Island. This is the spot where vultures ride the thermals in preparation for their southerly flight across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. In total we estimated at least 2000 vultures in these kettles, stretching over a mile or so of shoreline. The birds then flew south in long straggly groups towards the Olympic Peninsula.

Diann MacRae studied these migratory flights at Salt Creek County Park west of Port Angeles and found the biggest southbound vulture flights are often in the last few days of September coinciding with warm temperatures and light winds.

Bob Boekelheide

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Subject: [Tweeters] mystery kettle of Des Moines birds, part 2
Date: September 28, 2016 at 4:01:39 PM PDT
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Hi again,

Ryan Merrill pointed out that big groups of Turkey Vultures have been seen migrating through in the past few days. It does seem much more likely to be that species than a kettle of hawks. They did not appear to me to be holding their wings in a dihedral manner or rocking as they soared, but perhaps because of the distance I just couldn't make these out. In any event, if anyone else in Tweetersville sees something similar, can you post it? Thanks,

Lonnie Somer

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