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Oh, I forgot to mention one of the coolest sightings. We had a singing FOX SPARROW that was almost entirely white, with possibly symmetrical dark markings. If you were a newbie and tried to force an ID from the bird book, you might come up with Snow or McKay’s Bunting. VERY unique-looking bird, that I hope will stick around.

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Tweets – it’s definitely late fall. This morning started at 41 degrees with cold fog. It did eventually get warmer and sunny, but the birds know winter is coming. Our summer birds have fled, and our winter birds are arriving.


Cackling Goose Flock of ~60 – First Of Fall
Western Grebe Seven on lake
Double-crested Cormorant 1-3 – FOF
Green Heron 2 at Rowing Club again
Turkey Vulture 1 over boardwalk
Northern Harrier 1 crossed slough near lake
E. Collared-Dove 3 sightings, 2-4 birds
Pileated Woodpecker 3 sightings, prob. 2 birds
Merlin Landed across mouth of slough from us
Bushtit 1 huge flock; 30+ birds
Pacific Wren 3, including 1 singing
Ruby-crowned Kinglet ~10, with lots of singing
HERMIT THRUSH 1 near last dog beach, first for 2016
American Robin Huge numbers ~200
American Pipit 1+ pre-dawn, 1 north of Compost Piles
Yellow-rumped Warbler Dozens, with a few Myrtle’s amongst them
Golden-crowned Sparrow Lots of singing

No flycatchers, vireos, or swallows, and Yellow-rumped were the only warblers.

For the day, 57 species.

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