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Sure! His name was Andres Ramirez Bonilla. His email is andresramirez at live.com<mailto:andresramirez at live.com>

He spoke fluent English and was able to take us to see birds that were hard to find or unusual. He birds by ear as well and does use some light playback. His drivers name was Jose I believe. They used a very ample-sized passenger van (w/air conditioning) to transport us.

We stayed in Tamarindo, Guanacaste province which is on the Pacific side. He took us on a Dry Side/Rain Forest trip so we covered a lot of ground including up into the mountains. Some hiking was required to get to the Tody MotMot and other specialty birds but it was worth it!

Hope that helps.

Amy Powell

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Amy, would you mind Sharon who you worked with?


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When we hired a private guide in Costa Rica he charged us $200/person for the day. He had a private van and driver, picked us up, served us breakfast and lunch, and brought us back to our home. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and very accommodating. There were two of us and we each tipped him 20% so a total of $80. Some may consider that an overly generous tip but good guides are worth their weight in gold and I guarantee you he’ll remember us the next time we hire him for his services.

Amy Powell
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Good question. I usually tip $10/ day, more for exceptional service. I'd like to hear what others do
Alan Roedell, Seattle

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Hi Tweeters,
I'm going to be traveling in South America (Chile, Peru, Ecuador) for several weeks, mostly to visit archaeological sites, but I'll be birding in between, of course. I've never used birding guides before (if you don't count our great Westport Pelagic spotters!). How much would you typically tip a guide for a full day of birding? They will all be local to the various regions.
Lonnie Somer
mombiwheeler at gmail.com<mailto:mombiwheeler at gmail.com>

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