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Yesterday I birded Pend Oreille County from Calispell Lake to Sullivan Lake. For those who are thinking about birding Mt Salmo in the near future, the ROAD TO MT SALMO IS CLOSED due to fire on Hall Mt at Sullivan Lake. Noisy Creek Campground on the south end of Sullivan Lake is closed as well. Harvey Creek Rd (to Bunchgrass Meadows) remains open and probably will continue to be open unless there is a major shift in the direction of the fire. Apart from some unforeseen significant rain, I suspect the road to Salmo will be closed for a while, perhaps well into September.

Now some bird reports from the day. Seemed to be a falcon day in PO. 4 PEREGRINE FALCONS, 2 at Calispell Lake, 1 on the Cusick Meadows, 1 along the Dike Rd on the Kalispell Indian Reservation; 2 Merlin at Calispell Lake; 8 American Kestrels at Calispell Lake, 28 in a one mile stretch on Cusick Meadows Rd, 5 at Flying Goose Ranch.

Shorebirds were pretty slim, though conditions seem to be perfect along the river. I haven’t figured out the shorebird patterns in PO county yet. With conditions appearing to be the same, some years there are lots of shorebirds, other years they are almost non existent. There was a small mixed flock of Western and Least Sandpipers at Flying Goose. There were 2 Pectoral and 7 Baird’s Sandpipers on the North side of Calispell Lake.

Four Lewis’s Woodpeckers continue to be easy to find along the Dike Rd. A flock of seven Red-necked Grebes and one Western Grebe were at Manresa Grotto (Kalispell Indian Reservation). Evening Grosbeaks and Red Crossbills were seen all day long in a number of places.

Terry Little
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