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The Ruby-throats, at least pre-climate change, winter in Central and South America and have this one-hop migration over the Caribbean.

The Pacific Coast, with its milder winters and more species of hummers, has more resident species. But, the Anna's northward expansion is a pretty recent phenomena.

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In East Tennessee (Oak Ridge) there aren’t any ruby throats around from late fall until spring.

Wally Davis


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Hi folks,

As I sit over my morning coffee, watching the Anna's Hummingbirds flitting through the snow to take their morning quaff of sugar water from my feeders, I was thinking that this must be a very "Western" phenomenon.

Nearly 35 years ago, I was mist-netting and banding songbirds at Malheur NWR (this was in the pre-Bundy times . . . ), and recall that the nets picked up migrating Black-chinned and Calliope hummers during snow flurries.

I was wondering if those of you who have experience Out East know whether the Ruby-throats similarly tank up on sugar water during these mornings of cold precipitation?

TIA, and cheers,

Jon. Anderson


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