[Tweeters] Merlin, Common Merganser and Dipper at Wallace Swamp Creek Park

Linda Phillips linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Mon Feb 27 14:44:56 PST 2017

I bird Wallace Swamp Creek Park almost daily and though it is usually a very predictable place to bird some days are definitely better than others. Today was one of those days. Shortly after I arrived around noon a flock of Pine Siskins flew over. I soon realized they were fleeing a Merlin. The Merlin caught his lunch and settled down on a branch above my head. Before I could get myself to a good observation point a couple of crows chased the predator off. I followed with my binoculars until they were out of sight and was surprised to see that a hummingbird joined the chase. Several minutes later at the sediment pond I found two female Common Mergansers. I watched as they rode the white water over the weir and bobbed out of sight. When I walked over the footbridge I looked downstream to see if the mergansers were still around. Instead I was delighted to find an American Dipper. I watched it for about 10 minutes. At first it was just resting on a log. He performed a concert with his beautiful song before starting to forage among the rocks.

Linda Phillips
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