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Hey tweets,

Today I did a big day in the Queen Anne (QA) neighborhood. My range for the neighborhood is simply what birds I see while I am within the boundaries when you search Queen Anne on google maps, and I do not include Lower QA. I grew up birding around the neighborhood here and there, but a year or two ago I started birding it more seriously.
I totaled 58 species today, which is 3 more than my day last winter.

Red-breasted Sapsuckers- Usually a tricky bird to see on QA, I had 1 at David Rodgers Park and 2 around the mansion above Parsons Garden
Sharp-shinned Hawk- 1 perched above Parsons Garden, my first for the location and not common in the neighborhood
Lincolns Sparrow- My first time seeing this on QA, at Trolley Hill Park
Slate-colored Junco- 1 has continued at Kinnear Park since I first saw it in November
Ruddy Ducks- 4 resting on Lake Union viewed from Bhy Kracke Park, an unexpected find and my first for QA

Downy Woodpecker- This is a surprisingly tricky bird in the neighborhood, although I have seen a good amount of them recently and was expecting to today
Red-necked Grebe- This is usually pretty reliable off in Elliott Bay viewed from in front of Parsons Garden or Kinnear Park, but no sign today
Coopers Hawk- Not too hard to see around the neighborhood and they nest at multiple locations

After today my all-time total for QA is at 109 species. I finished last year with 98 species. You never know what birds will show up even in your urban neighborhood.

Good birding,
Jason Vassallo
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