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Thu Jan 12 17:08:46 PST 2017

Tweets - It was a balmy 18 degrees when we started this morning,  but the weather was gorgeous,  with no wind and plenty of sunshine.   And there were birds.  Frozen ponds and streams means waterfowl continue to be gathering in the slough and lake.


Gr. Wh.-fronted Goose        One in mixed goose flock
Snow Goose                       Prob. same juvenile as last few weeks
Ruddy Duck                        55 on lake, seen late
- 12 species of duck total -
Green Heron                      One on near side of slough
TURKEY VULTURE           1 at Rowing Club.  1st winter sighting ever!
Cooper's Hawk                   2, one caught a VIRGINIA RAIL :(
Western Meadowlark        Matt saw a group in NE corner

As we got to the boardwalk, we saw two COOPER'S HAWKS interacting.  As we approached the lake platform, one of the hawks landed on the railing with a VIRGINIA RAIL in its talons.  We seldom detect rails in winter, especially when it's this cold, so this was a sad shock.

At the lake, looking into the sun, we saw one merganser that we thought might be a Red-breasted (which would be new for the park), based mostly on impressions of shape, crest, and bill.  After the walk, I viewed the lake again, and found many Commons but no Red-breasted.

Also from the lake platform, we had seen a flock of ducks on the water to the southeast that I couldn't identify at all.  But in my late lake scan I found the flock of RUDDY DUCKS that I believe were what we had seen.  Definitely a high count for that species.

Generally, we then saw almost everything we might expect at this time of year except gulls (only Ring-billed and GW today), Northern Shrike, Bushtit, Red-breasted Nuthatch, and Pine Siskin.

For the day,  including the deceased rail,  66 species!

- Michael Hobbs

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