[Tweeters] Blog Post on Recent Rarities and the MANY Birders Who Have Reported their Observations

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Thu Jan 26 22:36:45 PST 2017

January 2017 has had a lot of really great birds - rare and even rarer.  The Red Flanked Bluetail in Idaho, the Common Eider at Purdy, the Purple Sandpiper at Kitty Islet in B.C., the Falcated Duck at Padilla Bay, a Yellow Billed Loon in near breeding plumage at Rosario Beach, a Northern Mockingbird in Kirkland and a Swamp Sparrow at the Center for Wooden Boats on South Lake Union.  I have seen them all and been lucky to get photos.  I have not been alone.  There Sure Are Lots of Birders Out There.  As I recount in my most recent blog post, hundreds of birders have seen these welcomed visitors and have filed hundreds of reports on Ebird and elsewhere.  I wonder what will show up next...  Includes some photos of the Swamp Sparrow from this afternoon and the Northern Mockingbird from Tuesday.

It can be seen at blairbirding.wordpress.com

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