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I was curious about this some months ago when we had at least two intergrades such as you described, and one bird showing bright yellow underwings, etc. in the yard and neighborhood for a couple of weeks, pretty much in the same time frame. Then I hadn't noticed any for a while until yesterday I saw an intergrades that looked as you describe only without malar marks, in company with a "normal" red-shafted male. When first noticed them previously, had read up a bit and it seems it is not terribly unusual to see intergrades in this area. But I don't have personal knowledge or experience to say whether it is cyclical or consistently normal--perhaps someone better versed in this topic might enlighten us.

Seeing bright yellow under the wings and tail several months ago really got my attention! It's something I would have noticed had one presented itself in my yard previously...but certainly the less striking marking differences are something that I will be paying more attention to from now on, than I had.

Dee Warnock

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Hi Tweets,

Would appreciate some input on a Northern Flicker that visited our feeder in Duvall this morning.

He looked to be intergrade Red-shafted/Yellow shafted—with salmon-colored underwings and red malar, but also a red crescent at the nape.

Is that fairly common around here?


Tina Blade

Duvall, WA 98019
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