[Tweeters] Fobes Rd. (Snohomish) Eastern Kingbird

Lynn Wohlers wohlers13 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 09:05:33 PDT 2017

Yesterday at around 11:30 am, two Eastern Kingbirds were seen on the Ebey
Slough dike trail. They were in a dead tree between the trail and slough, a
quarter to a half mile from the parking lot. Later, one was seen several
times in the same vicinity, perching in the open and flying back and forth
and across the slough. All field marks - white tail band, white underneath,
dark cap, etc. were easily seen, and when both birds were together they
vocalized. (I'm from New York and am familiar with the bird and its call.)
The injured trumpeter swan remains in the area. Yesterday it was a good
distance from the trail, in the marsh, closer to Fobes Rd. Without a scope
it was hard to see its condition but it was moving around so I assume it's
still OK. An imm. Bald eagle and an Osprey were also in the area.

Lynn Wohlers
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