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Thanks for your great info, Ed,

Apparently, he was being handled by people on the street and hand fed, so
Police officers were afraid someone would 'kidnap' him or he would
otherwise be hurt and they had to pick him up and get him somewhere safe.
They took him to SVS who took him to Sarvey where he seems to be doing well.
Here's the story:

or here if that link doesn't work:

It sounds like he'll be returned to the city sometime this week.

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> Tweets,


> This is the absolute best day in terms of traffic & people for a young

> Seattle Peregrine to try its first flight. Often by the end of the day

> they can fly well enough to get up to a safe place. The area around the

> courthouse has lots of low 1 or 2 story roofs or balconies that would be an

> attainable safe haven. If you do see one walking down the sidewalk, gently

> steer them away from the street...they don't understand cars and will walk

> in front of them. Don't try to pick one up, those inch long talons mean

> business. One of the three chicks fell out of the nest a week too soon and

> is currently in PAWS. The remaining fledglings need to be left with their

> parents, although poor fliers sometimes need an elevator assist back to the

> roof to rest and try again.


> Ed Deal


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