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I just got back from the Canyon Park Wetlands and was going to write to Barry when I saw this post.  The little shorebird flock was readily found and the "different" bird was there.  When I first saw Barry's photos the wings in one of them looked long enough for Baird's even though 3 weeks earlier than any of my other observations in Washington.  Especially after some input from Steve Pink, I went back and looked at all of my previous Baird's photos and started to think that the coloration was iffy, that the wings were not so long after all and  that there is a clearly white line/swash over the eye (something Steve pointed out).  These all suggested Semipalmated Sandpiper rather than Baird's which I suggested to Barry.  Seeing the sandpiper up close and personal so to speak, I agree that it is most likely a Semipalmated Sandpiper - just a bit larger than the Least Sandpipers in the flock.
Also present were both an adult a pretty fluffy juvenile Spotted Sandpiper, the latter endlessly bobbing its tail. My FOY so was happy to find it - thanks Barry for good sleuthing/observing.

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Subject: [Tweeters] Canyon Park Wetlands sandpiper - more pictures and questions

Thanks to the birders who responded to my post of yesterday about the little shorebird I saw at Canyon Park Wetlands yesterday afternoon.  The consensus was that it was a very early Baird's Sandpiper, but a couple of people mentioned Semipalmated Sandpiper.  That put doubt in my mind, so I went back this morning (Friday) and to my pleased surprise, the little flock was still there.
I took a lot more pictures, and now I'm leaning toward Semipalmated Sandpiper.
I would really appreciate any opinions, ideas, or suggestions as to the identity of this bird.  Here is a link to pictures and my reasons for changing my mind:
Scroll down for today's pictures.
Barry BrugmanKirkland
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