[Tweeters] BirdNote, last week and the week of July 9, 2017

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Hello, Tweeters,

Be sure to check out the latest blog by Wim Vader. http://bit.ly/2tt69e0
Wim shared with us his birding list in Tromsø, Norway, as of the winter solstice 2016. We check in with him now, to see what birds he is seeing this summer.
Here are the BirdNote stories from last week:
* Steller's Birds
* The Anomalous Wilson's Phalarope
* Manakins Make Their Own Fireworks - Happy 4th!
* Northern Goshawks and Fire
* Wimbledon Raptors - And Pigeons
* A Female Oriole Weaves a Nest
* Tony Angell on the Raven
View the photos and links for next week's shows:
Did you have a favorite this week? Please let us know.
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