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Tom Mansfield birds at t-mansfield.com
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To add to Ryan’s comments, there is a single, moderately large hunk of driftwood protruding from the muck in an arch shape. Yesterday, the RNST favored that area. It would feed north, east and west of the driftwood but always returned to that area. Not really any other driftwood in the circled area on Ryan’s map. I mentioned the driftwood arch to Matt Bartels by text and he headed for it this morning, finding the RNST close by it.

Tom Mansfield in Seattle.

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If it is helpful for people, the Red-necked Stint at Crockett Lake has been favoring the circled area pictured in this link yesterday and today.


When here, it actually should be visible from the road with a scope at a moderate distance or be much closer if you walk out just a little bit. Great views even with just binoculars. I'll try to post some photos of it today at this link as well.

Good luck!
Ryan Merrill
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