[Tweeters] Help: Seeking Information about the Location of a Stilt Sandpiper Sighting, 9/10/78

Rick H Hudson rhhudson at uw.edu
Mon Jul 10 09:29:56 PDT 2017

Fellow Birders,

I am trying to learn more about the location of Watt's Milk Pond, at which a stilt sandpiper was found for several days during September of 1978.

I am unable to locate this feature on Google Maps, and am seeking information about its geographic location.

I believe that it was someplace in the Snoqualmie Valley, as I remember driving east from Redmond, or Bellevue, or some such, and going up a ridge, and then down the east side of that ridge, but beyond that, my memories are pretty fuzzy concerning this experience, and probably many other things as well, by now.

I'm pretty sure this bird was on the Seattle Audubon Hotline at the time. I did see the bird, and am trying to pin down the location of the sighting for my database records.

Any help any one can provide will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me directly, my address is below.


Rick H. Hudson
2727 NE 94th St
Seattle, WA 98115
rhhudson at uw.edu

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