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When I lived in Sacramento aphids were a huge problem for roses. One recommendation, which we used, was to plant garlic around the base of the rose. Seemed to work. Might try interplanting garlic with the other flowers. Plus, hummers do eat small bugs so complete elimination of the aphids may remove a food source.

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Hi Tweeters, I need some help please. I have been striving to turn my condo balcony into a hummingbird haven with feeders, a fountain, a bird swing and as many hummingbird friendly plants/flowers that I can manage. The aphids are taking over. I sprayed a fruit and vegetable safe insecticide on a couple of plants they don’t seem to like, but I’m not convinced that a spray supposedly ‘safe’ for humans is safe for a tiny little hummer. I don’t want to spray anything, but the aphids are killing the blooms that the hummers would feed on, so I just don’t know what to do. Any suggestions on how to get rid of those darn aphids that is safe for hummers? Thank you in advance for your help!
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