[Tweeters] Greetings + Dowitcher ID question + carbon-free big day

Chris Rurik chrisrurik at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 08:25:01 PDT 2017

Hi all—

Last month I moved back here to Washington (my home state) after four years
in California and five-plus in Colorado. Thrilled to be back. For the next
three years, I'll be splitting my time between Seattle and Alaska, and I
hope to begin meeting many of you in the field. This is just to introduce
myself and say I'm looking forward to finding many great birds throughout
the PNW. For the past three-plus years I've been a field trip leader for
Denver Field Ornithologists, and a board member for the last two. I like
county birding, birding by bike, and local patch birding.

Also, yesterday, I found two dowitchers at Union Bay Natural Area's main
pond, and one seems to have traits of Short-billed. But I have little
experience with SB Dow and I'd love it if someone who knows these species
well could help me interpret my photos. They're in the checklist:

One more thing. Has a carbon-free (i.e. walking or cycling or kayaking) big
day record been set in Washington? How about big year?

Thanks, and see you out there,
Chris Rurik
Seattle, WA

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