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I own the beach house at 2447 Sunlight Beach Road and am related to the owners of the next 2 houses that all face Deer Lagoon and are a few houses past the dike access. Just past these 3 houses is a public access on both sides of the road, facing Useless Bay and also Deer Lagoon. Birders can park on this public access and should feel free to ask any of my family at our houses for permission to park there as well. Happy birding on Deer Lagoon.

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> With the 7/13 sighting of the/a Red-necked Stint at Deer Lagoon, please be advised that parking in order to access the dikes at Deer Lagoon has recently changed and is now almost non-existent. If you do try to access this conservation area, please be particularly sensitive to where you choose to park, and how you move through the community.


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