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Sat Jul 15 09:26:01 PDT 2017

Alan at al,

That is correct. The price of a lifetime Senior pass is being raised to $80
However, there will also be an option for an annual pass as well.

Here's the fun part:
If you purchase a Senior annual pass four years in a row, you can trade in
those four for a lifetime pass at no extra cost.

--Chris W
Park Ranger - interp
North Cascades National Park

On Jul 15, 2017 8:52 AM, "pan" <panmail at mailfence.com> wrote:

Hi, Tweets,

I've got a new e-mail address. Let me know if you can't grab it and you'd
like it.

I checked this note from the Iowa list, and it seems legitimate:
"senior lifetime passes to national parks & monuments, wildlife refuges,
Corps of Engineers lands, etc. will be soaring from a cost of $10 to $80 on
August 28. For complete information, check out this website:

If you know someone 62 or more, now's the time.

And here on Seattle's Capitol Hill, my yard Song Sparrows are rearing their
second brood of the season.


Alan Grenon

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