[Tweeters] Port Townsend,Briefly

Betty bettinab39 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 22:53:08 PDT 2017

No, Jeff, it is not just you!

I have been seeing many more swallowtail butterflies also!



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Hi Tweeter

Due to computer meltdown , biological problems, and the fact my cell phone
left me cause I wasn't giving her enough $$$., it,' been hard to post for
few month's., and some new meds i'm on just now make it hard to type.

So my big report is seeing my first PT Heermann's Gull's yesterday on tue
7/11 back from Baja - always nice to see,

Also, is it just me, or doesn't seem it seem like there are way more
Swallowtail butterflies (both Anise, and Western), around PT this year
than in the past several summers - maybe the wetter winter and spring? Just

Jeff Gibson

gimping around

Port Townsend Wa


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