[Tweeters] Solitary Sandpiper - "Redmond Retention Ponds" Perrigo Park - King County 7/26/17

Rick Tyler rhtyler at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 16:01:50 PDT 2017


I ran over to the pond as soon as I received Houston's email, but no luck
-- no solitary sandpiper, just the usual resident population of killdeer
and one least sandpiper. I'll stop by again after work today.

I'm pretty sure Houston and I saw different sandpipers -- the least was
conveniently standing next to a killdeer, and it was WAY smaller.

Rick Tyler

On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 3:01 PM, Houston Flores <houstonflores at hotmail.com>

> Hey Tweets,



> I saw what I'm pretty confident was an adult SOLITARY SANDPIPER this

> afternoon at the retention ponds north of Perrigo Park in Redmond. I

> didn't have my good binoculars, but it was pretty close in and it looked

> like a solid SOSA to me. I was expecting to see some of the recently

> reported yellowlegs, but this was smaller (similar sized to a nearby

> Killdeer), darker, smaller billed and had a conspicuous eye ring. It was

> on the southern shoreline of the main pond, just north of NE 95th St.

> Anyway, just thought I'd give a heads up to local birders.



> Good Migrations,



> Houston Flores


> Seattle, WA


> houstonflores AT hotmail.com


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Rick Tyler
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