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Are you going to submit a Lewis County big day report to Washington Birder? It would set the record for July. wabirder.com Wilson Cady
Columbia River Gorge, WA

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Hello tweets,Jason Vasallo, Josh Glant, and I spent much of the day down in Lewis County yesterday. We started at Riffe Lake and continued up to White Pass and totaled 78 species which is pretty good for the time of year. Here are some highlights: Peters Road WetlandsCinnamon Teal - Female Sora - Juvenile seen brieflyWilson's Snipe - One flying in and out wetlandsWestern Kingbird - Sitting on wires with swallows then dropped down out of sightSwallows - Over 1000 Violet-green on wires along with small numbers of Tree, Rough-winged, Barn and BankHouse Wren - One in trees just past wetlandsLazuli Bunting - Female on wires Sand Lake TrailMountain Bluebird - Over a dozen birds mostly early on in burnCassin's Finch - Male seen in snags and one other heardFairly dead otherwise White Pass Peregrine Falcon - Flew threw cloud of swallowsMountain Bluebird - Handful of juveniles around ski liftsChipping Sparrow - Juvenile at ski liftsSwallows - Around 500 Violet-green Swallow's with 100 Barn Swallows and a few Vaux's Swift sprinkled in The trip was quite fun with Peters Road being the highlight. In the town of Randle Violet-green Swallows covered most power lines and we estimated somewhere around 5,000 of them. Unfortunately the Sand Lake trail was pretty quite when we got up there around 9:20.
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