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Tweets – There was a high, heavy overcast today, and when we got to the Rowing Club, we actually had mist and mizzle! The day was excruciatingly quiet, except for a few ever-present species. Not a lot of surprises this time of year except for the list of missed species.

a.. Canada Goose – several small to medium sized groups
b.. Rufous Hummingbird – found two, though their season is winding down
c.. Bald Eagle – clumsy juvenile near the nest, so at least one fledged baby
d.. Accipiter sp. – almost certainly Cooper’s, but across the slough
e.. Western Screech-Owl – saw one juvenile, and saw and/or heard a 2nd, 4:30 a.m.
f.. Merlin – one just west of Rowing Club parking lot
g.. Swallows – down to a single Purple Martin, ~20 Barns, and 1-2 white-bellied swallows
h.. Cedar Waxwing – constant presence, many
i.. Common Yellowthroat – very large numbers, though many heard-only
j.. BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER – two near 2nd Dog Swim Beach
k.. Western Tanager – 1-2, East Meadow. First since May
l.. Brown-headed Cowbird – one juvenile being fed by Song Sparrow along boardwalk
Besides the owl, the biggest highlight was probably a family of four RIVER OTTERS at the weir, and a mother and spotted faun Mule Deer (Black-tailed) at the Rowing Club.

For the day, just 51 species of bird.

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