[Tweeters] Nastalgia

Sammy Catiis Hikersammy at msn.com
Thu Jul 27 17:50:58 PDT 2017

Good Evening, I got a kick out of going through an old box today.. had it stored with the kids art work and all that kinda stuff from years ago.. along with all this.. was some of my very old stuff... which included:

A 1982 Nisqually Delta Calendar :) haha that was fun to look through..

also lots of The Tahoma Audubon papers we used to put out.. along with all my checklists from Pierce County complete with dates and where.. must be at least 70 in there. Anyone want to compile them to see how things have changed? Might be interesting.. Might be a good thing to sit down and add to ebird.. well, for now, it's all back in the box 😊

Seriously though, if you are interested, maybe you volunteer at Nisqually and they could use it as a time piece? Let me know..

Thought I would share in this time capsule discovery :)

Carry on.....



Past TAS member 😊 LIke.. a LONG time ago 😉
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