[Tweeters] Re: Safe to check spotting scope in luggage?

JEFFREY COHEN kokobean2 at hotmail.com
Wed May 10 12:53:45 PDT 2017

I would never put my scope (or bins or camera) in checked luggage, with or without a TSA lock. If I take a scope, I put it in my carry-on hard case with my camera and bins, and put the tripod in my luggage. That being said, I wouldn’t bother taking a scope to Kaua’i. Times when you can use it will be minimal.
Must see places to visit are Kilauea Point and Hannalei NWRs on the north coast. The only place to see endemics are Kokee State Park and Alakai Swamp (next to each other). Personally, I wouldn’t go into the swamp without a guide, especially the first time. The hiking isn’t bad, just not a lot of signage. I recommend David Kuhn. He has more info and a really nice CD for sale at his website www.soundshawaiian.com<http://www.soundshawaiian.com>. The only bird book you need is Hawaii’s Birds by the Hawaii Audubon Society. It is available from HAS, some local spots, and probably Amazon.

Jeff Cohen
Pittsburgh (soon to be Seattle)
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