[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 1 September 2017

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Fri Sep 1 15:19:26 PDT 2017

Nowhere near as exciting as a Swallow-tailed Gull (https://youtu.be/28RRMvcgJTM <https://youtu.be/28RRMvcgJTM>, Carkeek Park yesterday), but the birds at Magnuson this morning seemed to be as appreciative of yesterday’s rain as we were. Cool to start with little breeze and a very bright sun that made some viewing a little problematic with the harsh light. A migrant push produced a nice variety of birds for our enjoyment; Jan B and Willm M-H joined in for most of the morning.

Cooper’s Hawk - one of this year’s brood, apparently, kekking/begging from the meadows, early
Red-tailed Hawk - finally saw one as we were packing up to leave; been very sparse recently
California Gull - huge raft on the swim platform; we looked, very carefully, at every single bird looking for a vagrant, to no avail
Flycatchers - Willow and Pacific-slope, still hanging around
Swainson’s Thrush - heard several early fly-overs; based on 2-3 vocalizations per bird, at least 5; could have been many more as they were winding down when I arrived and starting to call from the brush
Cedar Waxwing - now out in large numbers; altogether at least 3 dozen; some young still begging from and chasing their elders
Warblers - the best part of the day—good looks at several Orange-crowned, Yellow, Black-throated Gray and Wilson’s, plus several calling Common Yellowthroat

For the day, 42 species.
Scott Ramos

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