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Scot Duncan scotduncan99 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 17:42:23 PDT 2017

I just spoke with Paul Sykes and asked for more details to post on
Tweeters. Here's what he said... First, there will not be any public
access to the Alon Asphalt Plant at the end of Richmond Beach Drive.
Apparently the bird is perched on some fencing surrounding the plant. It
is with other gulls. If you go, do not expect to be successful in getting
into the facility.

The birders there now are struggling to get views of it through several
layers of fencing from a position outside the plant and alongside the
road. The looks are just barely sufficient for identification.

Paul said some birders had crossed the railroad tracks to get on to the
beach, however Paul and I agree that this is VERY dangerous activity. Many
trains are passing by, and I believe that walking along or crossing
railroad tracks is considered trespassing. And looking at Google Maps I do
not see any nearby public access to the beach.

Paul and I suspect that the gulls are at this location because the other
public beach locations are busy with people and dogs. I would add that the
weekend activities won't help, though some early morning birders might get
lucky at one of the parks if gulls choose to loaf there in the morning.

Again, let me reiterate that this is a very difficult location to try to
see the gull, and that it could be quite dangerous and probably illegal to
cross the rocks and railroad tracks and illegal. This is not advised.

That's all the information I have.

Scot Duncan
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