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For what it's worth, there is often a very strong recreational squid fishery in central/southern Puget Sound . The Des Moines Pier comes to mind so folks should also keep an eye to the south.

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Hello Tweets,
I'm not able to get out and check gull roosts this morning, but I
thought I'd pass off some knowledge on where I know gulls to roost in
case it helps anyone searching. All of these are in Snohomish county
and we start from the south.

Edmonds Breakwater - Visible from the Edmonds pier with tons of
parking. Presumably already checked this morning I'd assume. Usually
has several hundred Heermann's and a mixture of California's, GWGU's,

Shell Creek Exit - Visible from Sunset Avenue, just north of the
Edmonds Ferry Terminal, by looking north along the beach. At low
tides, you can walk along the beach to get closer, but you must start
from the park next to the ferry terminal. Also visible from Ocean's
avenue to the north, but there's literally one parking spot there.

Haines Wharf Park - When I checked this yesterday at low tide there
were literally zero gulls on the roof of the old wharf building, but
depending on tide and season there can be hundreds on gulls up there.
Scan the point to the north which is in Meadowdale park. Sometimes
there are gulls bathing there. Unfortunately this park can legally
only be accessed via a long hike.

Picnic Point Park - I would expect a sunny Saturday during salmon
season to make this a tough roost for gulls, but I have sometimes seen
a few dozen bathing here. There are usually a few gulls on the posts
south of the park (visible from the railroad overpass) and near the
shipwreck to the north.

Everything north of here is in more protected waters and gets fewer
birds that would seem to have diets similar to STGU, but it might be
worth checking around Mukilteo, especially the docks west of the ferry
terminal and perhaps Everett.

Outside of this area, I know there are large concentrations of gulls
roosting at the south end of Whidey Island and along the beaches of
Kitsap County north of Kingston. No idea what access is like at either
place though.

Josh Adams
Cathcart, WA
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